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  1. The purpose behind the F1 visa interview is that the consular officer wants to know more about you as an applicant aside of what the documents say about you and understand if you wish to enter the United States to study for real, or if there is any other reason behind their application. Therefore, you must be prepared in advance for the interview
  2. Interview für F-1 Visum: Fragen und Antworten Ein Interview für ein US-Visum wird durchgeführt, um festzustellen, ob ein Antragsteller berechtigt ist, die USA zu besuchen Das F-1 Visum ist eines der Nichteinwanderungsvisa, mit denen sich ausländische Studierende in den USA aufhalten und dort studieren können
  3. There are a couple of steps for the F-1 visa application process. The last and most important step it the visa interview. F-1 visa interviews should be scheduled in a specific time and F-1 visa applicant and their F-2 dependents ( optional ) should be ready at that time. Interviewers ask a couple of questions to the F-1 visa applicants. These questions are asked to gather some information about the student's real intention of being in the United States. As most of you know, people have.
  4. The key's to successful F1 visa interview is to prepare answers for all possible set of F1 visa Interview questions. Many F1 Visa applicants visa is denied because of the following reasons: Not a Qualified Student Did not have the right credentials (nothing can be done about this

These are the Sample F1 visa interview questions and answers asked at US consulate around the world. Go through each question and do some research about the college or university you are applying for. 1. About the Visa you are applying fo The F1 Visa interview is a mandatory step before you get your F1 student visa. Try to schedule it as early as possible, since there might be delays due to the heavy workload of the US Embassy. When you schedule it, you will receive an interview appointment letter which you will need later on in the application process Antragsverfahren bei F-1 Visa Antragsteller müssen in der Regel persönlich im Rahmen eines Interviewtermins bei einem der zuständigen US-Konsulate des Landes, in dem der Antragsteller seinen Lebensmittelpunkt hat, vorstellig werden. Dort sollten neben den allgemeinen Antragsdokumente Applicants for U.S. visas are required to appear in person for a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. You must schedule an appointment for that interview, either online using this website or through the call center. If you use a wheelchair or motorized chair and need assistance, please have someone accompany you to your appointment. Supporting Documents. To schedule a nonimmigrant. Das US Visa Interview ist Bestandteil eines jeden Visumantrags für die USA. Egal ob Einwanderungs- oder Nichteinwanderungsvisum, Besucher- oder Arbeitsvisum - Wer ein Visum für die USA beantragt, muss in der Regel auch persönlich im amerikanischen Konsulat zu einem Termin erscheinen

After a tedious F1 Visa application process international students are put through a visa interview in English, which can be intimidating for those that use English as a second language F1 visa interview experience. One of my friend and active user of theusravelguide recently appeared for his f1 visa interview. He has shared his F1 visa interview experience here as follows. I took student loan and i did not have high liquid assets. I have a number of relatives in the United States. I had mentioned this in my DS-160. Being. In this video I have shared my US student f1 visa interview experience with all the details about interview questions and answers.Be a part of my journey! Fi..

The process to request an expedited nonimmigrant visa interview varies by location. You should refer to the instructions on the website of the Embassy or Consulate Visa Section where you will interview, or on their online appointment scheduling site. You will need to provide proof of the need for an earlier appointment. In all cases: You must first submit the online visa application form (DS. F1 visa interview questions often include an investigation about your academic qualifications and choice of university. At the interview, they can expect you to provide evidence that you will return to the home country after finishing your studies in the United States. Also, you should prove that you have a financial statement to finance your education. Education expenses in the US are higher. Documents to carry for your US Student F1 Visa Interview There is a list of supporting documents required for every application. In the case of F-1 Visa interview, the major documents cover your personal information, academic background, professional documents, and financial documents 9 FAM 402.5-5 (C) (U) Qualifying for a Student Visa (F-1/M-1) Once you have all the required and additional documents to take the visa interview, now it is time to prepare for the visa interview. For non-immigrant student visa applicants, it is crucial to note during the interview that the primary reason for entering the U.S. is to study

Was muss ich zum Interview für das F1 Visum mitbringen? Es gibt eine Reihe von Unterlagen, die für eine Bearbeitung des F1 Antrags unerlässlich sind und die deshalb zwingend beim Interviewtermin im Konsulat vorgelegt werden müssen. Es können jedoch auch noch zusätzliche Nachweise erbracht und vorgelegt werden, um z.B. die Rückkehrintention zu bestärken, die maßgeblich für die. When applying for your F1 student visa, you will have to do an interview at the United States consulate or embassy in your country. We prepared a student visa interview guide for you so that you can go to your interview super prepared and not worry about faking it or being nervous about it

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F-1 Visa Interview

F1 Visa is approval requires an interview after which you either get approved / rejected for the Visa. Here i am giving you the list of all questions that are mandatory for the process. You must read the answers carefully and i hope your Visa application gets accepted. Before i start, i must quickly give an overview about the visa type F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers. The purpose behind this interview is that the consular wants to know more about the applicant. F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers. U.S. Visa interview is conducted to determine the eligibility of an applicant to visit the U.S. The F-1 visa is one of the non-immigrant visas that facilitate foreign students to stay and study in the United States. It is a non immigrant student visa that allows foreigners to pursue education in US. Students must apply at the schools and receive a form I-20 in order to apply for an F1 visa. So, every individual's dream is to go abroad and pursue higher education, but often some candidates fail in the interview and could not get the F1 visa In this video I will show you how to pass the USA F1 student VISA interview by avoiding the pitfalls that can lead to your F1 visa being refused. We will loo.. F-1 Visum: Gültigkeit, Ein- und Ausreise. Mit einem F-1 Visum ist es Studierenden erlaubt, bis zu 30 Tage vor Programmbeginn in die USA einzureisen.Nach Ende des Programms haben Studenten die Möglichkeit, maximal 60 Tage im Land zu bleiben. In dieser sogenannten Grace Period ist es nicht erlaubt zu arbeiten. Die Zeit ist lediglich für Inlandsreisen vorgesehen

101 Student F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers + Tips

Are you appearing for your visa interview?? Must Know these Frequently Asked questions in F1 Visa Interview for usa sample questions and answer The instructions to apply for the F1 visa can be found on the website of the US embassy or a consulate. In order to be eligible for the visa, the potential candidates need to fulfil the eligibility criteria which is followed by the F1 VISA interview questions. The requirements for the visa needs you to meet the following criteria The next steps towards studying in the United States as an international student is the F1 student visa interview. While it is highly unlikely that a genuine student with financial means to study in the United States would fail the F1 visa interview, it is still important that you prepare for it

Are you preparing for the F1 visa interview? Here are some Do's and Don'ts of F1 visa interviews you should take care of to pass it easily F1 Visa Interview Questions and Problems Answering. Read this to find out how simple questions can be difficult to answer and why the answers are difficult. After the question I give an example of the problem. Think about your answers relating to your documents and reality regarding going home (strong ties), finances, documentation and what is. Check out US F1 Visa interview experiences of other students and be prepared for your turn, all for free. MyVisaInterview. Visa Interview Preparation; Post Visa Interview Experience; About us; Contact us; US Travel Docs; DS-160; I have appeared for interview. Search interview experiences. Latest Visa Interview experiences. Name Consulate Status Date ; GopiMarella: Chennai: Rejected: 25-7-2019.

F1 visa interview I am applying for the F1 visa for 5 years and my current passport expires for 2 years. And now I am getting a new passport that need 3 months to be done since I am abroad F1 Visum Interview steht an: Hallo zusammen, habe jetzt Anfang nächster Woche ein Interview für mein Visum für ein Auslandssemester, ich möchte nur s - Studis Online-Foru 10 Tips for a Successful Visa Interview F-1 and J-1 Visas 1. Ties to Home Country. 2. English. 3. Speak for Yourself. 4. Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans. 5. Be Concise. 6. Supplemental Documentation. 7. Not All Countries Are Equal. 8. Employment. 9. Dependents Remaining at. An F1 visa interview will be required to determine whether or not you are qualified to receive an F1 student visa. You should arrive at the interview with all of the required documents and receipts, and you should be prepared ahead of time to answer personal questions about your decision to study in the US

F1 Visa Interview Questions and Answers 2020 Free PDF Download. F1 Visa Interview Questions 2020: This is a comprehensive guide on frequently repeated questions for the F1 Visa interview. This page will guide you on how to succeed in the F1 visa interview exercise with the United States (U.S.) embassy consular. Take your time and study carefully F1 Visa Interview.com has been helping students to understand the F1 Visa Process, Practice for the Interview, Improve Their Answers, and Become Confident. 2 minute video below. About What We Do. 1 F1 Visa Interview.com will make this much easier for you! If you are nervous or worried about what they will ask you during the interview and how to answer the . best advice I can give you is to.

Visa Interview : 10 minutes - 5th July. Ate a good breakfast, and had a glass of juice before leaving my house. In the Mumbai consulate the line starts from outside the main doors. My appointment was at 7.45, arrived at 6.45 and stood in the line. Waited in the line for about 70-80 minutes to get inside the main visa interview building, since there were about 150+ people ahead of me in line. Students appearing for US F1 visa interview are advised to be as transparent as possible in sharing information in DS 160 as well as at the time of visa interview. Sharing wrong information makes your position dubious. If you are a genuine student, you will be granted a visa. Do go through F1 visa interview experiences shared at HSB The main part of the visa approval process is the F1 visa interview. Even if you have all the documents ready it is not easy to convince the visa officer to approve your visa. To get F1 visa approval, clearing the visa interview is a must. You must prepare for some basic visa interview questions and answers much before the interview. Must read ou F1 Visa Interview Questions. Once getting to this point in your visa application process, you want to be sure that you are prepared for the interview to prevent any mishaps from occurring that may prevent you from attaining your visa. The point of the interview is for you to establish that you meet the requirements under U.S. law to receive a visa. There are no set questions an interviewer may. They are F1 interview questions that address your study plans, university choice, academic capability, financial status and your post-graduation plans. Therefore, get your Sample US Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers here. In fact, while gaining admission into a US University is

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Diskutiere F1 - Studenten Visa, Interview, Binding Ties - Fragen über Fragen!! im Austausch, Studium und andere Auslandsaufenthalte Forum im Bereich USA Auswandern; Guten Abend, Ich weiss es gibt schon einige Topics mit diesem Thema, aber ich habe, nachdem ich nun unglaublich viele Hürden geschafft habe nur.. H4 to F1 Visa Interview Questions and Considerations As mentioned earlier, Change of status from H4 to F1 will only change your immigration status while you are in the US. But if you travel outside the country you will need to get the F1 visa stamped at a US consulate. You can read the F1 visa interview tips blog for the F1 visa interview process On a side note: he heard that it is possible to reenter as a tourist with B-2 visa but is unsure about F-2 (assuming that he will need to cancel his F-1 visa first before applying for F-2 as double F status is not allowed and then when going back to school, he will need to cancel F-2 and reapply for F-1)

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Visa Interview Day - F1 Visa Stamping during STEM OPT It was pretty standard experience like others US Visa Experiences. From the time allocated on your appointment i.e when you have to appear at the embassy for an interview with the visa office, it takes typically 1.5 to 2 hrs until you get to talk to the visa officer. What NOT to Carry for US Visa Interview: Just carry your docs that's. The embassy or consulate of the Schengen country, in this occasion seeks that by asking specific and detailed-oriented questions to perceive if the candidate is actually worth given a Schengen visa. During such an interview, the candidate does not get questioned solely about the provided information in the visa application form and its supported documents. There are other particular questions, sometimes even unusually personal, that the diplomatic official questions the candidate F-1 Visa Document requirements. Before we share the list of documents required for the F-1 Visa interview, we would like to reiterate that you would not be asked for any documents other than your application/ appointment letter. However, being prepared is always advisable and you should keep these documents handy for that one in a million chance of the interviewer asking to see any document 5 Tips for F1 VISA Interview Preparation Visa interviews are the final hurdle before you can begin to leave for your studies abroad. Often we find that students are not prepared or do not know what to expect when going to a visa interview. At EDUCATION STREET I run complete visa counseling F1 USA VISA Services lists visa interview experiences of distinct students along with their intake and universities. Let's see the questions asked to them.f1 visa acceptance rate, f1 visa rejection rate 2016, f1 visa rejection, f1 visa acceptance experiences

Process for F1 Visa Interview with Emergency Appointment. My interview was at 10:30 AM and had to kill some time before that. I reached at 10 AM, and they immediately let me in. Surprisingly, they did not read my temperature here, only sanitized my hands and did the basic security check. When I entered the consulate, it felt extremely weird because it was completely empty! Having gone through. F1 US Visa Interview Experiences. 22,464 likes · 42 talking about this. (Help others by submitting your visa experience.... Message your f1 visa.. F1 Visa Interview is part of our company and offers F1 Visa Interview Training, 214(b) Rejection Analysis, Direct Relationships with High Schools, Universities, and Technical Colleges. We also work with M and J Visas. Our Products are effective and have helped many people accomplish their goals. We are here for you 100% and will try and help you. Interview results and performance at interviews. Real H1B Visa Interview Questions and Answers- New H1B, H1B Transfer/Extension, F1 to H1B, OPT to H1B. H1B VISA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. By Deb Pati last updated on March 13, 2021. There used to be a time when H1B visa interview questions used to be by the book. The interviews were often over in 5 minutes or less. My own interview was like a walk in the park when I applied for an H1B visa in India. Ashher Shaikh Visa Interview Experience F1 Consulate General, Mumbai 14th May. VO: Good Morning, can I see your Passport and i20? Me: Good Morning. Sure (Passed the documents) VO: You already have a post graduate diploma in finance. Why do you want to go for another credential in Finance? Me: My post grad diploma is a general finance course. It had courses from all fields of finance but this.

Your answers to the F1 Visa Interview Questions by Visa Officer should get you the impression during the Interview to get Visa approval..... Read More 29 Comments F1 Student Visa Advice From New Delhi U.S. Visa Office by . cherukuri_ajay. Published on 03-25-2012 01:45 AM Monica Shie serves as a Consular Officer at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India. This is an article by her to help F1 Visa. F1 US Visa Interview Experiences. October 26, 2018·. F1 US Visa Interview Experiences updated their website address. F1 US Visa Interview Experiences. June 25, 2016·. #149 : Embassy :New Delhi. Me:Good morning sir! VO:Very Good morning ,pass the passport please (which was attached with sevis fee slip and i20 form. Here are common reasons people are rejected for student visas: The interviewer did not think you would be able to financially support yourself and your education costs; Missing or faulty documents; Poor English language skills; The interviewer did not think you had enough proof to show you will return to your home country after graduation ; Poor behavior at interview; Failed background check.

F1 Visa Interviews are not a Rocket Science. Student's tend to complicate the interview process. And it starts with how you are preparing and what you are using as a reference for preparation. In your second interview, visa office asked, if you need F1 Visa for CPT! Now, think about that for a minute. Why would they have to ask you that? Does it sound a positive or a negative question? Let. F1 Visa Interview. Applicants between the age group of 14 through 79 are required to go through the visa interview process while applicants under the age 13 and over the age of 80 are not required to appear for an interview unless specified by the embassy or consulate. During the interview, the applicant's biometric data and the documents are collected and reviewed to determine the eligibility.

USA F1 visa interview is not a job interview, so you don't need to go formal, be casual, and regular; students must go in a neat and clean dress; your clothes should not be wrinkled. Some time students wear over accessories during the interview, so avoid this. Girls can wear a small earring, and casual ornaments don't be over. Your first impression is the last, so be simple as you are, but. The visa interview is a very important step that could be intimidating to some people. But don't worry! Below you will find some tips on how to pass your student visa interview. Step 1: submit your application. If you are applying to a university in the US, visit the American Embassy in your home country to submit the application for category F-1 student visa. If you are looking to study in.

#3 F1 Visa Emergency Criteria. Many people and immigration lawyer Murthy have reported that even though the US embassy officially said to allow emergency appointments when a student's session start date is less than 60 days from the date of appointment, the reality is that they are rarely allowing anyone with more than 3 weeks time. #4 H1B, H4 - First time visa appointment after lottery. F1 Visa Interview Experiences - Old Visa Interviews>>> F1 Student Visa Advice From New Delhi U.S. Visa Office>>> Share. Share this post on; Digg; Del.icio.us; Twitter; 5 Comments. Nikita - 05-14-2012, 12:21 PM. if i pool in money from somewhere like my cousin. for how many days shud i keep that balance and wat do i explain from where this money came from. wud it be a problem if i truthfully. The student visa interview is the final step in acquiring a student visa, including applicants for F1 visa, M1 visa, and J1 visa. After applying for your student visa, you must schedule an interview, which generally takes place at a US Embassy or Consulate. You must attend the interview after receiving Form I-20, Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status-For Academic and. Since September 11, 2001, consulates have been working diligently with other U.S. government agencies in an extensive and ongoing review of visa issuing practices as they relate to the security of U.S. borders and the U.S. as a nation. As a result, more non-immigrant visa applicants are now subjected to additional inter-agency security reviews

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Even if you have another type of visa, have entered the country, you will not be allowed to enroll in the university of your choice if you do not have the F-1 visa. Obtaining this visa requires proper preparation and adequate interview skills as many reasons can cause its rejection. If for some reason, your visa application has been rejected, other options are available, so do not worry Applicants are encouraged to read this in entirety before scheduling your visa interview at Embassy Nassau. Will take at least 3 - 5 business days for the visa to be processed. As of January 2014, Embassy Nassau will accept interview applications from third country nationals for the following visa categories: Petition-based F1, H1B, J1, L1, M1, O1, P1, P2, P3, and R1 renewals, only when. When talking about no F1 Visa Interview Slots deposit bonuses you need to know that there are a few types of bonuses. First of all you have the free money bonuses which means that you get an amount in cash to play for. There is then also the free spins which often is limited to a specific type of game. We always recommend the free cash since then you often have more freedom to select whatever. Here are some final tips for the F-1 visa interview: Present yourself professionally (and dress professionally) for the interview. Answer all questions clearly and succinctly. Do not lie or exaggerate any of your answers. Remain calm and confident when answering each question. Maintain eye contact. Plan, Prepares and Practice is three P's you need to work on to nail the F1 Visa Interview. The visa officer could be throwing at you several questions in the interview or you may not be asked even a single question and directly get the student visa stamp in your passport. But you should not take it lightly and start preparing for it. Out of the many questions, these three are the most likely asked F1 visa interview questions in the interview by the visa officer

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The interview is the most important part of your F1 visa application.This will be the make or break of your entire process of obtaining a US student visa. The purpose behind the F1 visa interview is that the consular officer wants to know more about you as an applicant aside of what the documents say about you and understand if you wish to enter the United States to study for real, or if there. Jan 28, 2020 american, f1visa, interview, student, studentvisa, tip, visa Interviews have always been a scary experience for all people no matter how professional you are. However, as in the case of a job interview, the more you are prepared, the smoother the interview will go America provides F1 visa to the international students. Every year many students from Nepal go to USA for study. During visa application students should face an interview in the embassy. This is the most challenging part of visa process Well-we are not saying we want you tied up in knots over this- but- yes guys, the dress code for your F1 Visa Interview is something you must take seriously. Treat this as your very last hurdle. We want to be clear here-there are no written rules on how to dress up, but we insist that you go the traditional route. After all-you are what you wear! You may want to argue that you should be.

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Let's start the blog 8 Do's And Don'ts At The F1 Visa Interview: 1. Avoid your pockets. The first tip on our list is to keep your hands out of your pockets while standing in line before you are called by Interviewer. We put our hands in our pockets when we're uncomfortable or unsure of ourselves. And as long as you have your hands stuffed down your pant, that's how other people will view you. Institutionally we tend to hide our hands when we're nervous; keeping your hands out in. F1 Visa Interview Questions: While getting into a University in USA is a matter of cheer, exhilaration is often dampened by prospects of a Visa Interview. Students from across the country swear by gruelling sessions with Visa Interviewer and how all their plans might simply go to waste if the person rejects the application The F1 visa interview is in English, and happens in front of a visa officer at a US embassy or consulate. The interview is usually straightforward and quick, and may only last around five minutes I applied for a Temporary resident Visitor visa to Canada in October, and got my Canadian visitor visa in 2 weeks. Then, once I got my I-20 from the university, I made all the necessary documents ready and booked my slot for f1 visa interview in Vancouver. My interview was on 9th December, early morning at 7.30

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Interview Questions for US Tourist Visa . Which destination do you intend visiting in the States during your vacation? What is your reason for choosing this place? What do you do and how much do you earn? And others. US F1 Visa Interview Questions for Student Visa . What is the name of the American university that you will be attending Expect the visa interview to be very brief, (less than 10 minutes) and to be conducted in English. If you are denied the visa, please request the reason you were denied in writing, along with a list of the documents they require to obtain approval. It is important to clearly communicate that you intend to leave the U.S. after completion of your studies. You can learn more about the visa. Click to read most commonly asked Recent US Visa interview questions for F1, H1B, H4, L1, E3 visa & To see all candidates profile informatio F1 Visa application requires the applicant to go for an interview, where the visa officer asks several questions to determine whether the applicant is a viable candidate for a US visa. The key to cracking this interview is to prepare well for it and then answer honestly and with full confidence

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But don't worry! Below you will find some tips on how to pass your student visa interview. Step 1: submit your application. If you are applying to a university in the US, visit the American Embassy in your home country to submit the application for category F-1 student visa. If you are looking to study in Canada, visit the Canadian Consulate in your home country to apply for a study permit. You can also apply for a study permit online As of the current date of this blog, the F1 visa interview process is scheduled for two days. On the first day, there will not be an interview. The embassy will collect your fingerprints and take a photograph of you. There will not be an interview from the consular officer on this Here are a few conversational tips on F-1 Visa Interview success (F1 Visa). It sometimes is frustrating to see the standard of candidates that seek admission to USA schools for graduate studies. I have seen a couple of candidates mumbling some unintelligible phrases, and the VISA officer straining real hard to get what they are saying. No matter what happens in other kind of visa interviews. Recent & Latest US visa interview questions, experiences for F1, H1B, H4, L1, E3 candidates. please subscribe to our website to get latest updates, interview questions for all upcoming interviews, experiences from candidates, their profile information. recent US visa interview questions updates. Jan 3rd 2018 : 1 guest got approved today in Matamoros and leaving to US, finished stamping in 2.

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Here are some F1 visa interview tips: Be appropriately dressed. Carry all documentation properly organised. Arrive on time - and calm and composed and formulate polite and clear responses To qualify for the Interview Waiver, you must be able to answer YES to ALL of the following: I am an Indonesian passport holder or have legal residence in Indonesia (KITAS / KITAP). I was previously issued a full-validity J visa. My previous U.S. visa is still valid or recently expired within the last twenty-four month Normally it takes 2-5 days, unless your visa goes for administrative processing. Administrative Processing These estimates do not include time required for administrative processing, which may affect a small number of applications. If necessary, t.. While this interview might seem intimidating, we have three tips to help you prepare for your F1 Visa Interview. Be Able to Articulate Why You Want to Study in the USA Your interviewer will be asking you very specific questions regarding your thought process about the decisions you've made in your life 6 515 members, 200 online. Repository of US Visa Interview (EA, Dropbox, Regular) Experiences - H1B, H4, L1, F1, Other visas. Please send experienes as Direct Message to Admin ( @kumar_ski ). No messaging option here. To ask questions use Group: https://t.me/us_visa_stamping_india. View in Telegram

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Matter of fact, a visa interview is intended for a more in depth communication between the applicant and the representative of a diplomatic office. The embassy or consulate of the Schengen country, in this occasion seeks that by asking specific and detailed-oriented questions to perceive if the candidate is actually worth given a Schengen visa. During such an interview, the candidate does not. Pass your visa interview with help from a retired U.S. Visa Officer. Learn the secrets of the U.S. visa interview. I know how U.S. Visa Officers think because I worked as one for nine years. I've interviewed 50,000 visa applicants and can teach you what makes Visa Officers refuse visas and what makes us say yes. Services and Pricing . Don't go to your interview unprepared. You only. Those on an F1 Visa, are not going to be treated any different, so there are not specific F1 Visa interview questions for PhD students, however, you should make sure that your F1 Visa, or your J1 Visa or even your Tier 4 Student Visa allow you to study a PhD in the UK, you'd be surprised how many students haven't checked this. Phone. Many universities do operate the same system as they do. F1 Visa ~Interview~ Aug 15, 2017 | 0 comments. Aloha-! It's Hikari(^-^)! My last post on this blog was How to get a F1 visa, and I would like to introduce How to have a F1 visa interview successfully, in this post! Even if you collect all of required documents and you fail the interview, you cannot study abroad and your effort is wasted. The interview is the most important part.

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