What is the difference between rdfs:seeAlso and rdfs:isDefinedBy? These are defined pretty clearly in the specification: 5.4.1 rdfs:seeAlso. rdfs:seeAlso is an instance of rdf:Property that is used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource. A triple of the form: S rdfs:seeAlso O states that the resource O may provide additional information. The property rdfs:seeAlso specifies a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource. Datatype referenc OntologyProperty:rdfs:seeAlso. From DBpedia Mappings. Jump to: navigation, search. This is the definition of an ontology property. Read more about editing the ontology schema. You can see the result of your edit on DBpedia Live (this is BETA!). Ontology object property (help) rdfs:label (en) is used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource. The rdfs:seeAlso predicate plays an important role in linking web resources in semantic web. Based on the W3C definition, it shows that the object resource provide additional information about the subject resource. Since providing additional information can take various forms, the definition is generic. In the other words, the rdfs:seeAlso link can present different meanings to the users and.

rdfs:seeAlso is an instance of rdf:Property that is used to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource. rdfs:isDefinedBy is an instance of rdf:Property that is used to indicate a resource defining the subject resource. This property may be used to indicate an RDF vocabulary in which a resource is described. Examples of RDF vocabularies. Popular RDF. I believe rdfs:seeAlso is just a very broad property for indicating some form of relationship. It can be used to point to an external description of the resource (ex. Wikipedia page), an abstract, etc. Since you're dealing with vocabularies, I would look toward SKOS, which is mentioned in the book as well Best Java code snippets using org.apache.taverna.scufl2.xml.rdfs.SeeAlso (Showing top 5 results out of 315) Add the Codota plugin to your IDE and get smart completions; private void myMethod {F i l e O u t p u t S t r e a m f = File file; new FileOutputStream(file) String name; new FileOutputStream(name) File file; new FileOutputStream(file, true) Smart code suggestions by Codota} origin: org. In Chapter 9 they talk about a 'models lack of specificity, using rdfs:seeAlso'. Any thoughts on whether I'm using rdfs:seeAlso correctly in this case, or is there something better I should use? Thanks, Stuart Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the rdfs:seealso=httpwwweuropeanaeuportalsearchhtmlqueryeuropeanacollectionname3a9200176rows24 Flickr tag

{{language_data.label_navi_more}} {{language_data.label_navi_less} RDF Schema (RDFS) is extending RDF vocabulary to allow describing taxonomies of classes and properties. It also extends definitions for some of the elements of RDF, for example it sets the domain and range of properties and relates the RDF classes and properties into taxonomies using the RDFS vocabulary Is it best practices to use a rdfs:seeAlso link to a potentially multimegabyte PDF?, existing predicate for linking to PDF? (too old to reply) Peter DeVries 2011-01-06 19:40:37 UTC. Permalink. I was wondering if there is an existing predicate for linking to a PDF file? I would like to incorporate a link between bibliographic reference description and a URL to the location of a PDF of that.

Difference between rdf:seeAlso and rdfs:seeAls

  1. rdfs:seeAlso : dc:Rights : www.dieter-koehler.eu : Open RDF source code may be used under the terms of the MPL 1.1 and the GPL 2. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a standard for representing information on the Internet. Its basic information element is a subject-predicate-object statement. A set of such statements is called a graph. If the statements of a graph have some of their.
  2. webprotege rdfs:seeAlso behavior changed (too old to reply) Jeroen Lapre' 2017-06-07 06:07:07 UTC. Permalink. Up until recently, when you added an rdfs:seeAlso, with a url to a webpage, to a class or individual, it would show and arrow and a link symbol. When you clicked on the arrow, webprotege would open a new tab in the browser and load the url. Which I found to be invaluable. Now when you.
  3. >> >> >> >> Generally it appears to me that rdfs:seeAlso is a property for a machine to follow in order to get more information, and that much of the usage mentioned in this thread requires a property which informs a human that they may want to check resource O for more information - essentially something similar to a hyperlink in a html document with no @rel value. >> >> Best, >> >> Nathan.
  4. Well organized and easy to understand Web building tutorials with lots of examples of how to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, Java and XML

Interlinking • rdfs:seeAlso - to indicate a resource that might provide additional information about the subject resource • owl:sameAs - to declare two indivi

[rdfweb-dev] rdfs:seeAlso, archive messages Libby Miller Libby.Miller at bristol.ac.uk Mon Aug 11 23:00:09 UTC 2003. Previous message: [rdfweb-dev] [ANN] IsaViz 2.0 released Next message: [rdfweb-dev] new FOAF spec -- preview Messages sorted by: I've been wading through the archives of rdfweb-dev, looking for mails about this issue. copied here for reference... we could do with making the. [*] > > Assuming a particular use of rdfs:seeAlso as a convention for some > community (e.g. FOAF) that wants to adapt that particular pattern is > just fine. > > Updating specs in the future to narrow the interpretation to support > this assumption usage might be OK, so long as due process is followed, > but that hasn't happened yet. > > Complaining when others go by the existing spec does. API documentation for the Rust `SeeAlso` trait in crate `rome` @prefix rdf: . @prefix rdfs: . @prefix owl: . @prefix dc: . a owl:Ontology ; dc:title The RDF Schema vocabulary (RDFS) . rdfs:Resource a rdfs:Class ; rdfs.

The rdfs:seeAlso predicate plays an important role in linking web resources in semantic web. Based on the W3C definition, it shows that the object resource provide additional information about the. Toggle navigation. P. PDB2Glyca

People You Know. Tell FOAF-a-matic about some people you know. Click Add Friend to add space to add more people. If you friend already has a FOAF description, then place a link to it in the 'seeAlso' field is rdfs:seeAlso of: dbr:Trams_in_Berlin; dbr:High_Speed_1 This content was extracted from Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Art. Archäologischer Ort; Kontexte. Suche nach verknüpften Objekten in iDAI.objects Suche nach verknüpften Einträgen in iDAI.bibliograph About Me. Please look at my new website: http://aksw.org/SebastianHellmann or the page of my research group: http://aksw.org/Groups/KIL Art. Bewohnter Ort; Kontexte. Suche nach verknüpften Objekten in iDAI.objects Suche nach verknüpften Einträgen in iDAI.bibliography Identifie

rdflib.extras.describer module¶. A Describer is a stateful utility for creating RDF statements in a semi-declarative manner. It has methods for creating literal values, rel and rev resource relations (somewhat resembling RDFa) rdfs:seeAlso and rdfs:isDefinedBy. A given resource may be described in more than one place over the internet. The rdfs:seeAlso property can be used to point to alternative descriptions of the subject resource. Its sub-property rdfs:isDefinedBy more specifically points to an original or authoritative description. Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN 2001-04-05. Hi, I'd like to create a feed containing something like this: <rss:item rdf:about=#foo>... <rdfs:seeAlso rdf:resource=http://sun.com//>... </rss:item> I've only. > identical rdfs:seeAlso nodes should not be possible. > 2. Where would this information be updated? I don't see that in the UI > description of the feature. > > Thanks. > > -- > You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google > Groups GeoNames group. > To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send > an email to geon...@googlegroups.com > <mailto.

Common element - rdfs:seeAls

Received January 17, 2001; Revised March 28, 2001; Accepted April 11, 2001. INTRODUCTION. Recombination directionality factors (RDFs) are a diverse group of proteins involved in controlling the directionality of integrase-mediated site-specific recombination reactions rdfs:seeAlso relates a resource to another resource that explains it . RDFS Examples These terms are the RDF Schema building blocks (constructors) used to create vocabularies: <Person,type,Class> <hasColleague,type,Property> <Professor,subClassOf,Person> <Carole,type,Professor> <hasColleague,range,Person> <hasColleague,domain,Person> RDFS Example - Graph Mode l • Reference: A Semantic Web. If I use rdfs:seeAlso or rdfs:comment properties I get an error message (The AnnotationProperty rdfs:comment does not exist in the ontology), Original posting: #38.

Interlinking • rdfs:seeAlso – to

The blue social bookmark and publication sharing system This publication has not been reviewed yet. rating distribution. average user rating 0.0 out of 5.0 based on 0 review @prefix rdf: . @prefix ns1: . rdf:type ns1:AdministrativeArea . @prefix ogcgs: . rdf:type ogcgs:Feature . @prefix rdfs: . rdfs:seeAlso . @prefix ns4: . rdfs:seeAlso. Uses of Class org.apache.taverna.scufl2.xml.rdfs.SeeAlso. Packages that use SeeAlso ; Package Description; org.apache.taverna.scufl2.xml : org.apache.taverna.scufl2. An Introduction to SPARQL 1. SPARQL - Querying the Web of Data Seminar WS 2008/2009 An Introduction to SPARQL Olaf Hartig hartig@informatik.hu-berlin.d

OntologyProperty:rdfs:seeAlso - DBpedia Mapping

> > rdfs:seeAlso is appropriate here [1]. You're refering to another > relevant RDF document. > >> I'm keen to avoid sameas, and seeAlso appears to be a close fit, but I'm >> worried about general usage of seeAlso as linking to something else >> that might have some more info, and might be in rdf, but might be anything. > > The use case you've described isn't new. I've been using a similar. rdfs:seeAlso Vocabulary BnF musical-genrealtLabel mo:genre IMSLP owl:sameAs foaf:depiction IdRef d VIAF DBpedia Wikidata Catalogue général skos:exactMatch IMSLP bnf-onto: FRBNF cterms: created modified skos: prefLabel editorialNoteMusicBrainz note Littéraux skos:closeMatch Œuvre (FRBR) LIEU DATE Œuvre (FRBR) PERIODIQUE rdf:type > frbr-rda:Work rdf:type > bibo:Periodical rdarelationships. [rdfweb-dev] quick rdfs:seealso + dc:format syntax example Danny Ayers danny666 at v... Wed Sep 25 10:04:44 UTC 2002. Previous message: quick rdfs:seealso + dc:format syntax example Next message: [rdfweb-dev] Digest Number 130 Messages sorted by rdfs:seeAlso: Indicates a resource that provides information about the subject resource. The target of an rdfs:seeAlso arc must be a Resource. rdfs:Comment: This is used to provide a human-readable description of a resource. rdfs:Class: The concept of Class: rdf:type: Identifies the Class of a resource. The target of an rdf:type arc must be an instance of rdfs:Class. Dublin Core. Linking Geonames RDF to INSEE RDF - rdfs:seeAlso, rdfs:isDefinedBy, owl:sameAs what else?. A use case for linked data Trying to connect Geonames features in France with geographical..

Discovery of Rdfs:Seealso Patterns in Semantic Web

6 Other Licensing Information Detected. This section is used for any detected, declared or concluded licenses that are NOT on the SPDX License List The following Metadata Application Profile lists properties provided by Hyrax by default upon installation. Core Metadata are properties required for Hyrax to function correctly [protege-owl] rdfs:seeAlso software FaCT++ etc luigi lia lia_l at hotmail.it Thu Nov 9 05:52:01 PST 2006. Previous message: [protege-owl] [POSSIBLE VIRUS:###] Re: superclass definition forimported classes Next message: [protege-owl] SWRL TAB Messages sorted by IMPORTANT NOTICE This page has been deprecated. It has been replaced by the e-Government Core Vocabularies solution. Abstract The Core Location Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of a location, represented as an address, a geographic name, or a geometry This document describes the MADS/RDF (Metadata Authority Description Schema in RDF) vocabulary, a data model for authority and vocabulary data used within the library and information science (LIS) community, which is inclusive of museums, archives, and other cultural institutions

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up:panproteome (rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty) ; rdfs:label: panproteome xsd:string: rdfs:comment: The current pan proteome sequences are derived from the reference proteome clusters (75% proteome similarity for Fungus and 55% proteome similarity for Archaea and Bacteria) Ontologies 1 Triples 1423 Classes 40 Properties 111 Annotation Properties 3 Object Properties 48 Datatype Properties 60 Skos Concepts 0 Data Shapes

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About. This knowledge graph combines data from various sources of interest in the research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: INDSC data from many submitters; UniProt pre-release data, from the ViralZone project of the Swiss-Prot group, in collaboration with the UniProt consortiu Next message: [protege-user] webprotege rdfs:seeAlso behavior changed Messages sorted by: Up until recently, when you added an rdfs:seeAlso, with a url to a webpage, to a class or individual, it would show and arrow and a link symbol. When you clicked on the arrow, webprotege would open a new tab in the browser and load the url. Which I found to be invaluable. Now when you click on the arrow. Lookup (de-reference) Properties and/or Property Paths identified by Variables — What predicates (e.g., rdfs:seeAlso, foaf:knows, other predicates of this nature) within a Semantic Web of Linked. rdfs:seeAlso: 0-* has super-classes legal expression is in domain of access group dp, has DBpedia op, has Eli op, has PDF dp, has Wikipedia dp, has authority dp, summary dp, was extracted from dp is in range of metadata op. Standard c back to ToC or Class ToC. Status of this document. NOTE: This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. Other documents may supersede this document. This specification is an evolving document. This document is generated by combining a machine-readable SIOC Core Ontology Namespace expressed in RDF/XML with a specification template and a set of per-term documents

org.apache.taverna.scufl2.xml.rdfs.SeeAlso java code ..

by Jennifer Golbeck, Gilberto Fragoso, Frank Hartel, Jim Hendler, Jim Oberthaler, Bijan Parsia - Journal of Web Semantics, 200 OWL-RL Documentation, Release 5.2.1 • axiomatic_triples(bool) - Whether relevant axiomatic triples are added before chaining, except for datatype axiomatic triples. Default: False. • datatype_axioms(bool) - Whether further datatype axiomatic triples are added to the output. Default: false. Variables improved_datatype_generic - Whether the improved set of lexical-to-Pytho Get this from a library! In Mozart's shadow : his sister's story. [Carolyn Meyer] -- In eighteenth-century Europe, Anna Nannerl Mozart, a musician whose talent and dedication is overshadowed by that of her gifted younger brother, Wolfgang, struggles to win the notice of her father. A Resource Map MAY include one or more triples, with URI-A as the subject, which assert that the Aggregation is a Resource with content that is similar to another Resource. The predicate MAY be either rdfs:seeAlso or its sub-property ore:similarTo. The triples corresponding to the example are

BrownSauce breaks the problem into two parts: coarse-graining (breaking the data down into usable chunks, like information about person X) and aggregation (making those chunks from multiple sources). The first part is done, and users can browse more than one source using rdfs:seeAlso references. Aggregation is currently being worked on Thus, you can fetch all textual definitions and translations by following those rdfs:seeAlso links. Note 2: This dump file contains only those classes that have been already requested individually. In other words, the number of class definitions available in the dump file grows with the usage of our service. [back to top] Wikipedia Bookmarklet. If you add this link to your bookmarks, you can.

In a similar manner as the Semantic Web Client Library, Marbles follows specific predicates found in retrieved data such as owl:sameAs and rdfs:seeAlso in order to gain more information about a resource and to obtain human-friendly resource labels. 2. Endpoint Services SPARQ Ruby-rdf.github.com Main page for ruby-rdf Linked Data for Ruby. This is the home of Ruby RDF. This project collects numerous gems supporting Linked Data and Semantic Web programming in Ruby Hi, Are you should click on the arrow to the right of the value (right hand side box), not the arrow next to the rdfs:seeAlso property. Cheers, Matthew On 6 Jun 2017, at 23:07, Jeroen Lapre' <jeroen.lapre at gmail.com<mailto:jeroen.lapre at gmail.com>> wrote: Up until recently, when you added an rdfs:seeAlso, with a url to a webpage, to a class or individual, it would show and arrow and a link.

<rdfs:seeAlso> <wot:EncryptedDocument rdf:about=encrypted.rdf.asc> <wot:encryptedTo wot:hex_id=A401983F /> </wot:EncryptedDocument> </rdfs:SeeAlso> [back to top] Property: wot:encrypter Encrypted by - A property linking an encrypted document to the public key that was used to encrypt it. Status: unstable: Domain: wot:EncryptedDocument: Range: wot:PubKey: No detailed documentation for this. @id,dc:source,dct:description,rdf:type,rdfs:label,rdfs:seeAlso,skos:altLabel 'The value was above the detection range of the instrument used to estimate it.'@en. RDF and the Semantic Web. By Jimmy O'Regan. RDF is a framework for defining metadata; data that describes data. It was developed by the W3C, based on work by Ramanathan V. Guha, and was originally used in Netscape Navigator 4.5's Smart Browsing (What's related?) feature, and by Open Directory.RDF followed from work Guha had done earlier, both on the Cyc project, and on Apple's Hotsauce project } :ANamedGraph { ex:dataset dc:creator Michael Jackson ; dc:date NOW()^^xl:Expr ; rdfs:seeAlso FILENAME(A1)^^xl:Expr ; } template graph (required, one): xl:templateGraph , a graph name - the referred graph must exist in the TriG fil

faldo:BagOfRegions (rdf:type owl:Class) ; rdfs:comment Used to describe a location that consists of a number of Regions but where the order is not known. e.g. the oddly named order() keyword in a INSDC file Cost and benefits of ★★★★ Web data. From here onwards, the original 5-star open data examples use RDF. We will continue with CSV for a while, taking it to its limits, to point out that open data on the Web is not only RDF. We will introduce RDF in a later section.. The following examples roughly conform to Linked CSV, which was one of the original proposals for an RDF-conforming. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects provide a rich variety of links to external resources.These links come in the form of selected external links and as links to sources or literature. In general the links are manually selected. However some external sources may be relevant to a large and dynamic number of articles #Kenny's URI place holder #People ought to have URI. #But I don't want to put the declaration of my URI in a FOAF document. #People who are interested in me may not be interested in my data. #So I think all unneccesary data should be distributed and let the browser or data analyzer decide #how rdfs:seeAlso or subPropertyOf it would be retrieved FAST delivered as Linked Data in MARC21 and SKOS format

rdfs:seealso ..

When so, include the LODLinks graph in the converted output.; rdfs:seeAlso conversion:LODLinks; . conversion:CaseInsensitiveLODLink a owl:Class; rdfs:subClassOf conversion:Enhancement; rdfs:comment Ignore string case when attempting to match identifiers between the input table and the identifiers in the LODLinks graph; . ### S - P - O Enhancement conversion:SubjectEnhancement a owl:Class. is rdfs:seeAlso of: dbr:Mobile_phone; is foaf:primaryTopic of: wikipedia-en:Smartphone This content was extracted from Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. The Protein Ontology (PRO) provides an ontological representation of protein-related entities, ranging from protein families to proteoforms to complexes. Protein Ontology Linked Open Data (LOD.


Web 3.0 uneori folosit ca sinonim pentru web semantic, este un web de date, care permite calculatoarelor să înțeleagă semantica, sau sensul, de informații pe World Wide Web. Web 3.0 extinde rețeaua resurselor existente pe internet (pagini web, documente text și multimedia, baze de date, servicii etc), care pot fi citite de către utilizatori.. Aceasta se realizează prin adăugarea. Inference. In the context of MarkLogic Semantics, and semantic technology in general, the process of inference involves the automated discovery of new facts based on a combination of data and rules for understanding that data

About. This SPARQL endpoint contains all UniProt data. It is free to access and supports the SPARQL 1.1 Standard.. There are 84,005,851,801 triples in this release (2021_01) Powered by Quilt/12..1.Data published here has been aggregated from existing open data sources.open data sources By mentioning other people (via foaf:knows or other relationships), and by providing an rdfs:seeAlso link to their FOAF file, you can make it easy for FOAF indexing tools ('scutters') to find your FOAF and the FOAF of the people you've mentioned. And the FOAF of the people they mention, and so on. This makes it possible to build FOAF aggregators without the need for a centrally managed. void:rootResource <http://data.nobelprize.org/all/country> void:rootResource <http://data.nobelprize.org/all/nobelprize> void:rootResource <http://data.nobelprize.org. Note: Citations are based on reference standards. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. The specific requirements or preferences of your reviewing publisher, classroom teacher, institution or organization should be applied

RDF Schema RDFS - Introduction to ontologies and semantic

The only sparql browser that uses the latest client side technology to produce a powerful and effective rdf exploration tool This wiki: The development wiki is a work area where Jazz development teams plan and discuss technical designs and operations for the projects at Jazz.net. Work items often link to documents here. You are welcome to browse, follow along, and participate. Participation is what Jazz.net is all about! But please keep in mind that information here is as is, unsupported, and may be outdated or.

Is it best practices to use a rdfs:seeAlso link to a

国会議事録検索システムAPIと連動してはという示唆を@hiro_literalから頂いて、対応してみた。とりあえず本会議や委員会の. BEACON link dump format draft-voss-beacon-003. Abstract. This document specifies BEACON, a data interchange format for large numbers of uniform links

Dealing with logically informal classification, using aThe magic triple is presented as &quot;sameAs&quot; &quot; http://schemaSemWeb implementatione experiences with Annotea and AmayaPPT - Chapter 3 RDF Schema PowerPoint Presentation, free

OpenURL. OpenURL is a standard of URL for transferring bibliographic information such as articles, books and journals between systems. It is used for the linking with library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), link resolver and so on Copyright © 2015 BBC. Powered by Quilt/12..1, part of the Research & Education Space platform.Data released under the terms of the Open Government Licence, version. Usage Scenarios. Reference, Annotation - annotate corpora with unique identifiers. Then you get all infos from Wiktionary via linked data; disambiguation - for a given lexical word (a sequence of characters) one can look up possible usages in languages, and possible meanings (each meaning should have a definition and a example sentence) Get this from a library! Th1rteen r3asons why : a novel. [Jay Asher; Razorbill,] -- When high school student Clay Jenkins receives a box in the mail containing thirteen cassette tapes recorded by his classmate Hannah, who committed suicide, he spends a bewildering and heartbreaking.

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